'Access' with Seattle Art Museum's Regan Pro


“If your building is totally accessible, or your website is totally accessible, but then, when people come to the space [and] the interactions they’re having with the staff don’t feel welcome, and they’re feeling microaggression’s and they’re feeling bias...then that negates all that work.”

While museums have been investing in access programs for decades, the buzzword is getting new life as it becomes part of conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Regan Pro, the Kayla Skinner Deputy Director for Education & Public Engagement at the Seattle Art Museum, talks about their long-standing dedication to accessibility. We also discuss how to balance the varying needs of accessibility along with diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as how museums can work together to address the many needs of our audiences. 

Plus, trivia and additional commentary!

'Inclusion' with Museum Computer Network's Desi Gonzalez

Photo by  Matthew Ansley  on  Unsplash

"This idea that museum attendance is falling and we just can't bring people in...I think that's a myth and something we say to stop ourselves from doing that hard work about how can we make our spaces more inclusive."

Tune in to hear this and more as we try to define inclusion, identify three starting points for museums wanting to create inclusive environments, and explore the disconnect between creating welcoming spaces for museum audiences versus museum staff.