'Access' with Seattle Art Museum's Regan Pro


“If your building is totally accessible, or your website is totally accessible, but then, when people come to the space [and] the interactions they’re having with the staff don’t feel welcome, and they’re feeling microaggression’s and they’re feeling bias...then that negates all that work.”

While museums have been investing in access programs for decades, the buzzword is getting new life as it becomes part of conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Regan Pro, the Kayla Skinner Deputy Director for Education & Public Engagement at the Seattle Art Museum, talks about their long-standing dedication to accessibility. We also discuss how to balance the varying needs of accessibility along with diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as how museums can work together to address the many needs of our audiences. 

Plus, trivia and additional commentary!

'Equity' with Cecile Shellman

Photo by  Cezar Sampaio  on  Unsplash

“In a perfect world we would have equity. We could celebrate and recognize that we all have differences, and are diverse, in how we come to the world and move through our spaces…And if I’m coming to come down from the clouds and be less Polly Anna-ish, I would say that the reason it’s on museums is, you know what, we’re really late. We’re late to this work. There was never a Brown v Board for museums. Educators had to be forced into this in 1954. This is 2019. ”

Cecile Shellman is a Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion (DEAI) consultant to museums. Our conversation focused on what museums can do to prioritize their thinking to create equitable environments. We also discussed why equity is the “it” word right now and the difference between equity and equality.

Plus! I add my own thoughts on our conversation after trivia, so be sure to listen all the way to the end!